New products, Commissions, and more!

I've been hard at work getting new items ready for the store! Some of our items will be exclusive to cons and storefronts for the moment but we're working on adding more prints and stickers here on my online store! We've also tested a new product at Geekist and very nearly sold out! That's right! We're moving forward with offering PLUSH PILLOWS! For now we only have the small ones at $10 but we do plan on having 16 inch and maybe larger available in the future! I'm also in the prototype phase of some rag dolls for the kids (with fashion sets) and our Ball Jointed Doll is about to move into full time production phase with finished dolls and bases to buy at con or online! I'll be adding an area where you can commission me to my store soon as well and I'm offering CUSTOM EMOTES for both discord and twitch! You can buy one at a time or a full set for a discounted price! 

I recently had a friend that opened a storefront locally and asked if she could carry some of my products. You can now find products that have been exclusive to con at Practical Magick in Decatur Alabama. Julie is an amazing person and if you like witchy things her shop is definitely the place to go. Aside from my stuff she has books, tarot cards, back packs, boxes, bags, crystals, sharp pointy things, jewelry and so much more! Make sure to check her out! 

We had a great time at Geekist Expo a few weeks ago. We made some new friends and got to catch up with old ones. We saw the lovely staff from Metrotham Con and talked over some big plans for next year. We made new friends with the staff for Chattanooga Comic Con and their daughter actually won one of our coloring contests and took home one of our pillows! Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth.  We're constantly working to add more events to our year. Our next stop will be Farley Con in East Ridge, TN on August 13th where we'll be debuting some new stuff and celebrating our first year on the Con circuit. After that we're taking a short break until October. I homeschool my kids and will need time to get the school year started. This also gives us time to work on some amazing products to bring to you at Chattanooga Comic Con on October 22-23. I hope to do at least two more events by the end of the year and plan on doing the Halloween and Christmas events at Lowe Mill though sign up is not available for them yet. 

We have so many awesome plans and dreams for the next few years and we hope to bring you along with us as we grow together!

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