It's been an insane week. While our weekend at the Mill was awesome as far as meeting everyone and sales I actually couldn't take the heat.... literally. I ended up in the ER needing a lot of fluid and then had a stomach flu on top of it which spread through my entire family every two days this week. We're all doing much better but still week so Outdoor Market is on hold for the next week or two. Even so, we're excited about our next big event which is Farley Con in East Ridge, TN on August 13th. We have so much to do to get ready and so many new things we hope to add to our table between now and then! The Vendor Hall layout is available and you can find our table right by the panels! We're so excited to see our vendor fam and our friends at con. In the meantime check out the two newest speed paints on my Youtube channel and keep an eye out for new art and works in progress on my Instagram.
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