Big news and apologies!

Guys, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. To start off with we all ended up with a bad stomach virus immediately after the farmer's market. It really hit us hard. Next our AC was out for an entire week so we weren't able to be at home. I guess the forced vacation and being able to hang out with friends in Chattanooga was worth it though because we came back feeling refreshed and ready to go. The greatest part is, while in Chattanooga, we connected with an upcoming con (two weeks omg I'm not ready for the awesomeness). We'll be vending at Geekist Expo on the weekend first weekend in July! Not only will we be vending.... we're also HOSTING a COLORING CONTEST!! I'm so excited! Prizes will be credit to spend at our booth! There will be two groups, one 12 and under then one 13 and up! I can't wait to see you there.
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